Our Community


We never lose sight of our responsibility to make positive contributions to society whenever we can.

We engage in numerous activities to strive to meet our social responsibility, including:

  • Art Cabriolet is a not for profit organization which provides art therapists and art supplies to children experiencing physical or emotional trauma including children in hospitals, disadvantaged schools, disabled care facilities. It’s mission is to emotionally strengthen the well being of children enduring physical and emotional trauma, to encourage personal empowerment, improve self esteem and the path of healing.  Our Principal, Hamish Rotstein is very proud to be involved with Art Cabriolet.  Hamish is the Secretary and advises the Art Cabriolet Board on legal matters, by applying his skills as an experienced lawyer, manager and problem solver to help the Art Cabriolet perform its important work with children in the community.
  • Twin Lives Program:  when one of our people sponsors a child through World Vision, we match that generosity by sponsoring another child.
  • Pay Dirt Program:  every time we issue a pay slip, we fund the planting of a tree.

We are always keen to hear from our people and our clients as to how they wish to partner with us to meet our collective social responsibility.