Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Litigation AND Dispute Resolution

At Rotstein Commercial Lawyers we have broad experience and expertise in commercial and civil disputes of all sizes.  We operate in all jurisdictions in Australia.  We pride ourselves on delivering effective resolutions and outcomes for our clients.

At Rotstein Commercial Lawyers, we aim to implement the required litigation or alternative dispute resolution strategy which will assist our clients in achieving a cost effective and favourable resolution to any dispute.

At Rotstein Commercial Lawyers, we focus on resolution and preventative strategies, rather than litigation.  However, when litigation is the best way forward, we vigorously deal with the matter to ensure we achieve our clients’ objectives.

In the context of commercial disputes, we pride ourselves of achieving positive outcomes for our clients across Australia, particularly in the Federal Court and State Superior Courts.  In 2010, the Law Institute of Victoria accredited our Principal, Hamish Rotstein as a specialist in commercial litigation.