Old Law Title Conversions: Professional Title Transition Services

Old Law Title Conversions
Old Law Title Conversions

Do you need help in converting old law titles? At Rotstein Commercial Lawyers, we simplify this transition for you, ensuring a smooth and efficient conversion process.

Rotstein Commercial Lawyers has a strong reputation for providing expert legal services in property law. Our team specialises in converting old law titles to Torrens titles and ensuring legal compliance and clarity in property ownership.

We leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of property law to guide you through every step of the conversion process. Our meticulous approach ensures all legal requirements are met, reducing the risk of complications and delays. Trust Rotstein Commercial Lawyers to handle your title conversion with expertise and precision.

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Conversion Types for Old Law Titles: Your Options

Converting old law titles involves several methods, each with its own requirements and procedures. Understanding these conversion types ensures a smooth transition to Torrens title.

Primary Application

Primary application involves submitting a comprehensive application with evidence of ownership for at least 30 years. This ensures a seamless conversion to Torrens title.

Official Search

An official search verifies the current title status and checks for any existing cautions. This step ensures the accuracy and completeness of the title records.

Registration of Deeds

Registration of deeds includes recording all relevant documents with the land registry. This formalises the conversion process, ensuring all historical transactions are documented.

Deposited Plan Registration

Deposited plan registration involves lodging a plan that redefines the old system land. This step updates the land’s boundaries and ownership details.

Investigation by Registrar General

The Registrar General conducts an investigation to confirm the title's validity. This step is crucial for resolving any discrepancies in the title history.

Why Choose Rotstein Commercial Lawyers for Your Old Law Title Conversions

Choosing Rotstein Commercial Lawyers for your old law title conversions ensures a seamless and professional process.

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