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Property Lawyers Melbourne

Facing complex property issues? Rotstein Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne simplifies the process with expert guidance and clear communication. Our team specialises in various property-related services to meet your needs.

We offer comprehensive services tailored to your specific property needs. Our team combines expertise with a client-focused approach to deliver practical solutions efficiently. Choose Rotstein Commercial Lawyers for reliable and proficient property law services in Melbourne.

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Commercial Lawyers Melbourne

Diverse Property Law Services to Meet Your Needs

At Rotstein Commercial Lawyers, we provide a broad range of property law services designed to address all your legal needs. Our expertise ensures you receive the best possible advice and representation in any property-related matter.

Commercial & Retail Lease

We assist in negotiating and drafting commercial and retail lease agreements to protect your interests and ensure compliance with relevant laws.

Commercial Lease Dispute

Our team handles disputes related to commercial leases, providing resolution strategies to minimise disruptions to your business.


We offer expert advice and representation in insolvency matters to help you navigate financial distress with practical legal solutions.


Our lawyers provide comprehensive support in bankruptcy cases and ensure you understand your rights and obligations throughout the process.

Drafting Retail and Commercial Property Leases

We specialise in drafting precise and effective retail and commercial property leases, tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Our services include the preparation and lodgement of caveats to protect your interest in property transactions and disputes.

Property Joint Ventures

We facilitate property joint ventures and offer legal advice to structure and manage partnerships effectively.

Retail Leasing Advice and Disclosure Requirements

We provide guidance on retail leasing laws and disclosure requirements, ensuring full compliance and protecting your interests.

Renewal of Leases

Our team handles lease renewals and negotiates terms that benefit you while ensuring legal compliance.

Termination and Surrender of Leases

We manage the termination and surrender of leases, as well as advise on legal implications, to ensure a smooth process.

Breach of Lease

Our experts address breach of lease issues and offer solutions to resolve disputes and enforce lease terms.

Owners Corporation

We advise on all matters related to owner corporations, including governance, disputes and compliance.

Property Development

Our services support property development projects, from initial planning to completion, ensuring all legal aspects are covered.

Subdivision Property

We handle the legal requirements for property subdivisions to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

Old Law Title Conversions

We assist in converting old law titles to Torrens titles while ensuring clarity and modernisation of property ownership records.

How Can Property Lawyers in Melbourne Support You?

Property lawyers play a crucial role in managing and resolving various property-related issues. They provide expert guidance in transactions, disputes and legal compliance to ensure your interests are protected. At Rotstein Commercial Lawyers, our team delivers efficient and effective property law solutions tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Rotstein Property Lawyers Melbourne

Choosing the right property lawyer is crucial for your success. Rotstein Property Lawyers Melbourne offers unmatched expertise and personalised service.

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